Resources for Senior Living Professionals

Access our collection of resources to help you and your community improve occupancy, simplify management, improve service, and streamline operations.



Maintaining a thriving senior living community is no small task, but it does become easier when clear and actionable guidance is delivered right to you.



If you're looking for ways to improve your medication management processes, then you should consider implementing an electronic medication administration record (eMAR)!

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This guide is for all people who have a collective responsibility for residents’ care; ensuring safe and effective use of medicines in assisted living communities.



Senior living communities have had to rely on expensive marketing practices for a long time. This eBook was written to show you that you do have other options – you can even manage this in-house with the right time and resources allocated to it!


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In this white paper, you will learn how technology can remove stale hiring practices, lessen some of the pressures that cause burnout, and aid your occupancy recovery efforts once you’re fully staffed.



With the number of available staff declining, and the cost of providing care rising, it’s more critical than ever to find ways to do more with less. One way care providers can do this is by using technology to streamline their operations. That's where eMAR comes in.