Med e-care’s electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) provides senior care providers a full medication and treatment administration system that offers real-time accuracy and depend ability in the medication ordering and distribution processes.

Med e-care’s eMAR is fully integrated with numerous Pharmacy dispensing Software platforms. This allows for complete integration with hundreds of pharmacy partners. We work in partnership with these pharmacies to deliver the eMAR as well as our comprehensive suite of clinical modules. A completely integrated package allows for the Pharmacists and the Care givers to have a complete view of the residents Electronic Health Record.

The eMAR can be accessed from within the web application or on a mobile device. It is also available as an offline application that reduces expensive wireless upgrades and is very versatile for medication administration alone.

Solution Benefits


eMAR enhances the 5 “Rights” of medication management – right resident; right medication; right dose; right route and at the right time


Provide both offline and online eMAR functionality


Eliminate the need for paper MAR sheet audits


Safe, error-free medication ordering and distribution


Ability to integrate directly with pharmacy partners


Always up-to-the minute eMAR



Med e-care’s eAssessment module comes with a wide range of focused assessments addressing care and activation needs with an easy-to-use interface.


Billing & Trust Management

Whether you provide skilled nursing and/or retirement community services, inaccurate admissions documentation or inefficient billing processes can significantly impact revenue cycle management.


Care Management

Share information in real-time. With Med e-care, clinical data flows seamlessly between the core platform and devices, allowing team members to continuously monitor and collaborate on care plans.


Customer Relationship Management

In a highly competitive senior care landscape where occupancy equates to revenue, providers using manual processes are struggling to track referrals and manage admissions – frequently leading to vacancies.


Medication Management

Med e-care’ s eMAR offers clients an innovative and integrated solution to medication administration and is available in web-based and offline (syncable) applications.


Profile Management

Med e-care provides a single location for resident information and includes robust features to support all aspects of managing nursing home, retirement, assisted living, and independent living unit residents.