CMI RUG Consulting

Med e-care provides CMI RUG Consulting Services to a number of complex continuing care and long-term care facilities throughout Canada. We evaluate the expected case-mix and care level of residents to optimize the facility’s CMI-RUG score and help maintain or increase current funding levels. The main purposes of this evaluation are: determination of case-mix, projected funding levels and key areas of documentation that require refinement to facilitate optimizing the case-mix classification within an organization.

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Each quarter our experts scan across each of the months and provide 3 distinct phases for each of them, consisting of:

  1. Monthly calls and/or visits to evaluate with staff the documentation for those residents whose CCRS assessments are due.
  2. Determines your potential CMI and the key areas of documentation that require refinement to optimize your CMI.
  3. Provide direction to your RAI Coordinator on ways to adapt your documentation that will enhance your CMI.
  4. Utilizes reports generated from MED e-care’s specialized MDS algorithm software as reference during the monthly CMI-RUG conference calls. This creates a tree analysis of your CMI based on the following: 105 RUG indicators, ADL, CCL and BDL scores, CPS scores, Diagnosis from both the CCRS and Care Plans, Progress notes and identified incidents, Alerts, Previous CCRS-MDS scores, Medications, Physicians notes
  5. Follow up calls and/or visits to ensure changes have been made in the system.
  6. Monthly feedback reports on CMI-RUG changes.