Senior Living Assessment Management

Whether you provide retirement, mental health, rehabilitation, or long-term services, effective assessment management is critical to providing the right care. Our easy-to-use eAssessment module gives you instant access to a wide range of focused senior living assessments and the ability to add any forms you're already using to your electronic forms library. Standardized assessments include CCRS, CHA, IAR, OMHRS, and NRS for many major sectors.


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CCRS assessment med e-care screenshot

Optimize your Funding

By partnering with one of the largest providers of MDS software in the senior living sector, you can be confident when optimizing your funding with the MDS Chronic Care Reporting System (CCRS). The CCRS calculates RUG-III, 35 Quality Indicators (QIs), and 18 Resident Assessment Protocols (RAPs), then automatically updates the RAP tool for easier data entry and care planning. 

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Electronic Assessments

Take advantage of the industry-leading and proven solution to track and complete the interRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA). Combining user-friendly, electronic interfaces with powerful, integrated business intelligence lets you automatically push information from your assessments into your care plan, creating better experiences and outcomes for your residents.

primary IAR consent assessment med e-care screenshot

Simplify Caregiving

The Integrated Assessment Record (IAR) is an application that allows authorized staff to view a consenting resident’s assessment information to effectively plan and deliver services to that resident. The IAR allows assessment information to move with a resident from one health service provider (HSP) to another. 

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Ontario Mental Health Reporting System (OMHRS)

Our team of psychiatric nurses designed the interface and nursing reports you need to effectively submit mandated data to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). This incorporates the Resident Assessment Instrument - Mental Health (RAI-MH) into our software solutions making it easy for anyone in senior living to module that allows hospitals to submit their reports.

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Real-Time Reporting

Using the right technology makes it easier to collect, submit and report on the data across your entire suite of clinical software. We even integrate directly with the National Rehabilitation System (NRS), NRS Grouper (RPG) and National Bench Marks to create real-time reporting that helps you optimize your resources.