The acute care systems that medium to large hospitals use are leaving your care needs behind - especially if you're a Rehabilitation (NRS), Complex Care (CCRS) or Mental Health (OMHRS – MHRS) provider that requires submissions to CIHI or Provincial governments.  Our technology suite is designed specifically for your care needs, including:

  • Administration
  • Assessments
  • Care pathway, mapping, and order sets for Kardex
  • Care plans
  • Progress notes
  • Incident and wound tracking
  • And mobile POC (Point of Care)

You can even optimize your funding with the MDS CCRS system which calculates key indicators such as RUG-III, 35 Quality Indicators (QIs), 18 Resident Assessment Protocols (RAPs) and automatically updates the RAP tool for easier data entry and care planning.


Solution Benefits


Generate multiple reporting and real-time data views at different levels


Our simplified care mapping, pathways, and order sets come directly from your assessments


Provide patient Kardex that summarizes the entire assessment


Ability to build patient centered goals and action plans


Create detailed reports that use nationally accepted key performance indicators