ElderSmarts™ Analytics

Tracking community trends and performance is the key to delivering better care, optimizing financial results, and streamlining operations. The challenge for senior living teams has always been organizing all that data in a meaningful way when it’s scattered across different tools and buildings. Messy data like that can be nearly impossible to use without a series of reports, spreadsheets, and integrations.

It's time for senior living to eliminate those data silos and start putting insights into action. What used to take hours or days to collect can be run in moments with ElderSmarts!


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With ElderSmarts, you'll be able to:


Empower your team with comprehensive data insights on your entire operations

One of the fastest growing needs in senior living is a comprehensive, scalable business intelligence solution that can aggregate data across every tool you use, every community you manage, and every resident you care for. ElderSmarts enables senior living teams to take a look at any aspect of your operations, compare to expected performance and take action on areas that need improvement, or reallocate resources with confidence.


Take advantage of industry leading "analytics-as-a-service"

Avoid the biggest pitfalls companies fall into when they go and try to build a custom, in-house reporting platform. With ElderSmarts you can avoid all the frustration, risk, delayed time-to-value, and overblown costs that can be so common when you take on building reporting systems themselves.


Power up your reports

Not only does ElderSmarts enable you to feed your reporting capabilities with additional data sources, providing your team with more comprehensive insights — it can aggregate all that data in just seconds.

To test that claim, a large customer who recently moved to ElderSmarts ran a comparison to try and pull over 850,000 records against their old reporting database. The legacy system usually failed to compile the same number of records as ElderSmarts, and the one time it did succeed, it took 20x longer!

Use ElderSmarts to empower your team with actionable insights

A simpler way to track performance and trends


An Accurate View of Community Performance

ElderSmarts compiles data from every source at your organization. Reports and insights no longer have to exclude any data. Get a truly accurate view of what's going on at your community.


Stay on Track and Reach Your Goals

Gain a great view of your community KPIs enabling you to optimize financial performance, resident acuity, occupancy trends, staffing needs, and more.



By taking advantage of our “as-a-service” analytics model, you’ll avoid the frustration, risk, delayed time-to-value, and overblown costs that come with building a custom, in-house reporting platform.


Actionable Insights

ElderSmarts empowers your team with truly actionable insights into operations across your organization. Take direct action based on analysis into sales, marketing, operations, nursing and other department performance.


Compatible with Every Data Source

From your marketing platforms, clinical solutions, and financial software, ElderSmarts can compile data from anywhere your team has it. Report on data covering the entire resident customer journey.


Benchmark Against the Industry

Compare your performance and efficiency against the industry with Med e-care's unique access to benchmarking data from thousands of subscribed communities.