Customer Relationship Management

In a highly competitive senior care landscape where occupancy equates to revenue, providers using manual processes are struggling to track referrals and manage admissions – frequently leading to vacancies.

With Med e-care’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, you can better manage the pre-admission process, resulting in improved occupancy rates. Expedite the review process with a communication tool that automatically tracks pertinent clinical and financial information to help you improve information sharing with referring providers. You’ll also have the ability to verify insurance eligibility in real-time, ensuring all boxes are checked prior to admitting a new resident.


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14. CRM Communication by Type-1

A Single Source of Truth

Med e-care’s CRM solution complies resident data across different channels or points of contact between the resident the home and the care team. Med e-care’s CRM can also give the home sales staff detailed information on potential residents’ personal information, communication history, preference and concerns helping in building lasting relationships.

15. CRM Communication KPIs-1

Centralized Information

Med e-care’s CRM consolidates potential resident information and documents into a single CRM database so the sales users can more easily access and manage it. Med e-care’s CRM also has the ability to record various customer interactions over email, phone, social media or other channels; depending on the needs of the resident. With Med e-care’s CRM various workflows process can be automated, such as tasks, calendars, alerts and the creation of the resident documentation; giving managers and other members of the care team the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.

16. CRM Form Submit Nurture-1

Eliminate Data Entry

Easily create a full assessment, Care Plan, and Admission Summary on the date of admission. Once your potential Client has been converted to Move-In status, all the information collected flows seamlessly to all areas of the software, reducing redundancies and ultimately saving hundreds of work hours.

17. CRM Prospect to Tour-1

Track Prospect Activity

Med e-care’s CRM allows staff to record potential client information. Staff can then track their status and assign tasks related to them. This includes tracking conversations and correspondence between staff members and doing a full comprehensive assessment prior to their admission. Once the potential client is ready to move into the home staff simply click “Convert to Move-In Client” and all the information collected is converted to ADT.