Senior Living CRM

In a highly competitive senior care landscape where occupancy equates to revenue, providers using manual processes are struggling to track referrals and manage admissions – frequently leading to vacancies.

By using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution built specifically for senior and assisted living, you can simplify your pre-admission process, increase your leads and move ins, and ultimately improve occupancy rates. And by automating tedious tasks, you'll give your staff more time to focus on critical, revenue-generating activities instead of managing spreadsheets.


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14. CRM Communication by Type-1

Meet and Maintain Occupancy Goals

Give your team the tools they need to work more effectively and efficiently. Empower them to generate more leads and spend more time with prospective residents by eliminating tedious tasks and reducing the time they spend managing their lead database or spreadsheets.

15. CRM Communication KPIs-1

Centralized Information

A good CRM does more than track your sales and marketing activities - it connects that data with the rest of your business. You can seamlessly connect Med e-care's senior living CRM with your clinical solutions and advertisements to get a complete picture of the residents' needs and the financial health of your community.

16. CRM Form Submit Nurture-1

Improve Marketing Performance

By centralizing your sales process and marketing efforts into a single platform, you can track performance trends, communication, and conversion rates to understand what’s driving the most move-ins for your community. This lets you use data, not gut feelings, to refocus your time and budget on the programs that have the highest ROI.

17. CRM Prospect to Tour-1

Do More with Less

Budgets are tight and senior living teams needs to work smarter and harder than ever before. By using Med e-care's CRM, you can extend the reach of your team and save your community from inflated third-party referral fees by capturing leads when they first interact with your marketing efforts, not referral sites.