Senior Living Medication Management

Paper MARs make it challenging to improve your residents' health and safety. You need an innovative solution for medication management and administration that integrates with the rest of your clinical software to truly get a complete picture of your residents' well-being. By using an eMAR that's always available online and off, you can always feel secure that you have the right medication for the right resident at the right time.

Our eMAR is the only Electronic Medication Administration Record that is fully integrated with many pharmacy dispensing software systems, creating a single point of entry for residents’ drug information that minimizes the risk of error. You can even give your staff the ability to reorder, discontinue or place a hold on medication orders directly from the eMAR administration screen with three simple clicks!


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eMAR and eTAR for senior living


Start using the most innovative and integrated medication management solution for electronic medication administration & electronic treatment administration (eMar & eTAR) that's available in web-based and syncable offline applications.

medication management primary medication passes screenshot

Offline eMAR

Avoid the need for expensive network upgrades. Our eMAR has advanced syncing capabilities that make it the only solution that will always work — even when you're offline!

Med e-care medication management solution Pop & Dot feature screenshot

Pop & Dot

Make it safer and easier for your caregivers to administer and manage medication. Our Pop & Dot feature helps you verify and check off all the medications in the strip packaging (pop it). Once verified and the resident has taken their medications, your caregiver can simply click the “administer all” button (dot it) and all of the medications will be signed off at once.

Med e-care medication management self admin screenshot

Self Admin

Many retirement homes throughout Canada and the world are beginning to introduce eMAR software because it provides a safer, more efficient method for delivering medications. Even if your residents can take various medications without supervision, our self-administration feature allows your caregivers to capture this information without documenting it daily.