MDS Education

We're more than a technology provider, we're experts in our industry and want to share our teams expertise with you! We provide a series of regional educational opportunities across Canada for clients and non-clients covering a variety of industry specific topics. Our educational sessions have received rave reviews. We regularly email organizations when a session is scheduled in their area or you can refer to our newsletter for the dates and locations of our next sessions.

3-Day MDS Credentialing

The 3-Day MDS Credentialing course will take every attendee through a detailed process of coding and utilizing the MDS assessment system including CAPs/RAPs, QIs, RUGs, and Outcome Measures. The cost includes all course material, exams and certificate.

Learn how to:

  • Explain the benefits of MDS

  • Identify the types and timing of assessments

  • Identify and clarify the four parts of the RAP

  • Identify the objectives of the Nursing Quality Initiatives

  • Describe the relationship between the RAI process, the care plan, and quality resident care

  • Understand the development and benefits of the Quality Indicators

  • Understand the development of the RUG-III classification system


Advanced RUGs III

The Advanced RUG III course is designed to guide you on how to manage risk, optimize funding, and identify quality of care issues & measure performance. The cost includes all course material, exams and certificate.

Learn how to:

  • Compare your organization to local, national, and international benchmarks

  • How to code the 106 MDS items for RUG III 44 and 34 grouper

  • Resource Utilization Groups (RUG) CMI versus RUG Weighted Patient Days (RWPD) CMI

  • Calculating the 34 and 44 RUG groups

  • Calculating the Case Mix Index (CMI) for Complex Care using RWPD