MDS Credentialing Course

DATES: March 5-7th 2024, June 18-20th 2024, September 17-19th 2024, December 3rd-5th 2024
TIME: 8am – 4pm (EST)


Participants will learn how to:

  • Explain the benefits of MDS

  • Identify the types and timing of assessments

  • Identify and clarify the four parts of the RAP

  • Identify the objectives of the Nursing Quality Initiatives

  • Describe the relationship between the RAI process, the care plan, and quality resident care

  • Understand the development and benefits of the Quality Indicators

  • Understand the development of the RUG-III classification system


This course is ideal for:

RPNs, Nurse Assessment, Coordinators, Health Information Professionals, DOCs, Administrators, HINs


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