Nursing Home


There has been a shift in Canada and around the world on how we manage our Nursing Home/LTC facilities. As our population ages, the number of residents requiring care is growing exponentially. Our facilities and front line staff are being put under greater stress as a result of the scrutiny of Families, Internal Management, Head Office and Governmental agencies of the care we are providing.

Med e-care assists our facilities to better manage their limited resources, while maintaining the highest standard of care, reducing risk, while providing the required documentation to families, management and government. Within Nursing Home/LTC facilities, treatment is focused on residents who require assistance with activities of daily living as well as 24/7 nurse supervision. Our applications are designed to minimize care-staffs’ time documenting so that they have the opportunity to better assist their residents.

Solution Benefits


Fully Integrate eMAR with all Pharmacy software, ADT, Notes, and Care Plans


All Assessments automatically update the Care Plan with best practice protocols


Incidents tracked in the progress note software automatically update the Care Plan with Best Practice Protocols


Mobile POC (Point of Care) to track activities and care when your patients are off the floor or site with staff


Our simplified Care Mapping / Pathways / Order sets are created from your CCRS / MDS / ASSIC and your unique Facility / Chain customized assessments


Track all Medications and Incidents CCRS / MDS / ASSIC (QIs, RUGs) over time for each Resident, Unit, Facility, Region, and Chain


Track wound progress with great details (pictures, measurements, etc.), schedule all wound follow up assessments to ensure continuity of care


Enhanced patient safety with MedSafer – an electronic deprescribing tool for safe and successful medication deprescription in elderly



Med e-care’s eAssessment module comes with a wide range of focused assessments addressing care and activation needs with an easy-to-use interface.


Billing & Trust Management

Whether you provide skilled nursing and/or retirement community services, inaccurate admissions documentation or inefficient billing processes can significantly impact revenue cycle management.


Care Management

Share information in real-time. With Med e-care, clinical data flows seamlessly between the core platform and devices, allowing team members to continuously monitor and collaborate on care plans.


Customer Relationship Management

In a highly competitive senior care landscape where occupancy equates to revenue, providers using manual processes are struggling to track referrals and manage admissions – frequently leading to vacancies.


Medication Management

Med e-care’ s eMAR offers clients an innovative and integrated solution to medication administration and is available in web-based and offline (syncable) applications.


Profile Management

Med e-care provides a single location for resident information and includes robust features to support all aspects of managing nursing home, retirement, assisted living, and independent living unit residents.