Billing Software & Trust Management

Inaccurate admissions documentation and inefficient billing processes can create a significant negative impact on your revenue. Combine this with a changing payer landscape and increasing complexity in insurance programs, and it's becoming more challenging than ever to operate a senior care organization! Med e-care's billing software helps you run your business more efficiently, making it easier to fulfill your mission of helping your seniors live their lives to the fullest.


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Flexible Financial Solutions

To effectively account for multiple programs of care within the same facility or a network of communities, you need a comprehensive, highly flexible billing software and trust management solution. Our MIS-compatible solution not only offers time-saving wizards to help you build out your more complicated financial processes, but it also gives you service-based setup for customization, automatic calculations, pre-set price/rate changes, batch entry, comprehensive real-time reporting, financial alerts and notices, and an export tool to liaise with your accounting software.

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Simple, Accurate Invoices

You can save hundreds of hours of work and improve your financial performance when you take advantage of a financial solution that's seamlessly connected to the rest of your technology. This makes it easier to process resident billing information while improving the accuracy of the services you're invoicing for. Our senior living eFinancial system supports accounts receivables, billing, PAPP, and trust management solutions with built-in automated payment method and a seamless integration with your general ledger for real-time revenue and receivables data.

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Monitor your Cash Flow

The right billing and trust solution will help your senior living community efficiently manage all your account activity, such as resident banking, maintenance charges and interest allocation. With our easy-to-use trust tools, you can perform and track all deposits, withdrawals and trust transactions from the resident’s bank account, save time with group billing by entering multiple resident transactions at once, and access real-time resident balances to produce a wide range of balance, audit, ledger and other reports. You can even get better visibility into your activities by tracking petty cash and other cash box management tasks such as a separate month end close out.