5 Features You Need From a New Group Home Management Software

The stakes are high when shopping for a new group home management software. The right technology can significantly boost efficiency, safety, and resident satisfaction. However, choosing the wrong tool could create major headaches and leave your staff confused and frustrated. You might even find the rate of medication errors and other serious mistakes skyrocket if the software doesn’t mesh with your group home’s needs and workflows. 

And let’s not forget that choosing a new software requires time, money, and energy. You don’t have unlimited resources to try out dozens of tools until you stumble across the right solution. So, how can you make sure you pick the right technology the first time? Here are five must-have features when shopping for software for group homes. .

Automatic Alerts for Unexpected Events

Let’s face it: Things don’t always go according to plan in a group home. It’s impossible to predict when a resident might fall or suddenly require more acute care. And seemingly minor events like a caregiver going home early or a medication running out of stock can throw your whole system out of whack. 

Give your staff and residents peace of mind by choosing a group home management software with automatic alerts. This handy feature immediately notifies caregivers and your supervisory team when — not if — something out of the ordinary occurs. 

Say a caregiver feels distracted or unwell and forgets to give a resident their nightly medication. A quality electronic medication administration record (eMAR) software will send an automatic alert to the team so the resident can receive prompt care. Similarly, this technology can automatically alert staff about changes to electronic health records (EHR), such as new diagnoses and prescriptions.  

By flagging unexpected events or changes, automatic alerts keep residents safe from dangerous medical errors. This function also relieves the mental burden on busy caregivers. Instead of obsessively double-checking their work, they can rest easy knowing they’ll immediately receive an alert if they’ve overlooked anything. 

Robust Reporting

Group home leaders must keep track of an enormous amount of information daily. Most obviously, you need to closely monitor resident health data to confirm that all your community members receive optimal care. At the same time, you must keep a close eye on business data like financial records and staff productivity to ensure that your home is operating efficiently and profitably. With so much information to analyze, even the most business-savvy, data-loving professionals can quickly become overwhelmed. 

Choosing a group home management software with robust reporting lets you get an instant snapshot of the health of your business and residents. For example, this tool could generate a custom report about your group home’s financial performance over the last five years. The software will compile your revenue trends, occupancy levels, and other data from this period into a detailed report. 

You can also use the reporting feature to get insights into your residents’ health and needs. Say you want to determine which recreational activities impact resident well-being most. Using the reporting feature, you can analyze attendance records, EHRs, and client satisfaction surveys to identify trends. 

The insights you gain from reports can help you improve resident care and create intelligent business strategies. Plus, you can quickly produce the necessary paperwork if you get audited.

Mobile POC 

Your staff members deliver countless services to residents, from passing out breakfast to cleaning wounds. Tracking these activities allows you to bill residents accurately and ensure everyone receives proper care. But busy caregivers often don’t have time to scribble notes in paper documents or dash back to a central computer. 

That’s where mobile POC (Point of Care) comes in. This convenient function lets staff record services with the click of a button on a smartphone or tablet. The software automatically updates the resident’s EHR with this information, so you always have the latest data at your fingertips. 

Mobile POC also reduces the risk of manual errors that often occur when staff jot down messy handwritten notes or rush to type information into a computer. You won’t have to figure out if a resident missed their morning therapy or if the staff member just didn’t write it down. And you’ll never waste time again trying to figure out if a handwritten note says a client received hydroxyzine or hydralazine. 

Give the Right Dosage

Overdosing or underdosing can lead to severe health issues, adverse reactions, or ineffective treatment. Therefore, ensuring the right dosage is administered is critical for medication efficacy and safety.

eMAR software makes dosage calculations and tracking effortless. It utilizes advanced algorithms and dosage alerts to ensure residents receive the exact amount prescribed. This minimizes risks and optimizes therapeutic outcomes.

Integration with Pharmacy Dispensing Software Systems

Many residents have multiple chronic health conditions that require complex medication regimens. They could miss out on vital care if a staff member forgets to refill their prescription or if a medication goes on backorder at the pharmacy. 

You can avoid these issues by choosing a group home management solution that integrates with pharmacy dispensing software systems. Your organization’s software will automatically send the pharmacy new prescriptions, refill requests, and other records. You’ll also receive instant notifications if there are any issues with a resident’s prescription so you can resolve the situation as quickly as possible. This feature streamlines your medication management system and safeguards resident health.

Simple Documentation Process

Maintaining EHRs and other records doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You can simplify your team’s lives by picking a group home management software with a straightforward documentation process. The best tools have: 
  • Accessible interfaces that anyone can learn in minutes
  • Advanced syncing features, so you can record information even when the Wi-Fi goes out 
  • Cloud storage to keep data safe and private
  • Customizable forms 
  • A self-administration feature for eMARs

Find Your Ideal Group Home Management Software 

Choosing the right technology for your group home doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Med e-care’s comprehensive eMAR software provides all the top features to keep residents safe and satisfied. You can easily integrate this tool with your pharmacy system, EHR software, and other tools. And Med e-care’s expert team is on hand to help you with the transition. 

This software also has the latest safety features, including automated alerts and mobile POC. Your residents and their loved ones will feel confident that they receive accurate and timely care. Plus, your staff will feel reenergized and less stressed as the software streamlines their workflows.

Schedule a free demo today to learn more about how Med e-care’s eMAR software can help your community achieve its goals. 


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