Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Festivals, parades, cookouts. Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities and fun. However, the sun and heat in the summer season can be hazardous for seniors if particular precautions are not taken. Some of the heat-related health problems include:


This should be a cause of concern, especially to seniors, and is easily prevented by drinking enough water.

Heat Exhaustion

This condition occurs when the body is exposed to high temperatures for several days. Though not life-threatening, it comes with risky symptoms, including muscle cramps, weak heartbeat, excessive sweating, and fatigue.

Heat Stroke

This life-threatening pathology comes into play when the body is unable to cool itself down properly. Symptoms of heat stroke include dizziness, nausea, high body temperatures, and headache. If you have such symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

Here are some safety tips to ensure your senior loved one is safe all through the summer:

Stay Hydrated

Seniors are more prone to dehydration. Encourage them to drink enough water to stay hydrated each day and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Don’t forget to give them some cold fruits and treats for dessert.

Wear Light and Bright

The summer wardrobe of a senior should be full of loose-fitting and light-colored clothing. Select lightweight natural fabrics such as cotton as they are more breathable as compared to polyester or nylon.

Keep Cool

Extreme high temperatures are life-threatening mostly to the elderly. They should try and relax in an air-conditioned home or senior centers, retirement home, libraries, or movie theaters.

Wear Sun Protectors

Avoid the sun’s harmful rays by reminding seniors to apply an SPF 30 sunscreen before sun exposure and to wear their favorite summer hat at all times.

Preserve Good Vision

Exposure to the sun can cause eye irritation and damage your vision. Always ensure seniors have sunglasses during sun exposure.


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