Help Seniors Stay Safe During Allergy Season

Spring is a season we all look forward to, as it returns warmth and sunshine which boosts our spirits. Unfortunately, this is also the time when pollen, dust, and other allergens also reappear, dampening our enthusiasm a tad. The most affected are seniors, but thankfully, the following actions can be taken to help them brave the conditions:

Wash away allergens

Caregivers in retirement homes should encourage seniors to take a shower after spending some of their time outside. This removes any allergens on their hair and/or skin, hence alleviating symptoms.

Be sniffle sleuths

Nurses taking care of seniors should learn to watch out for symptoms of allergic reactions such as sneezing, itchy eyes, and others so that they can take action early enough.

Close windows

Windows should always be closed when seniors are indoors, mostly when there is a considerably high pollen count during the allergy season. This keeps allergens from making their way into the house, hence keep allergic reactions at bay.

Use air purifiers

Taking advantage of the benefits of air purifiers in getting rid of pollen, dust, and other allergens is also a very effective solution to help ageing persons through the allergy season.

Watch local pollen count

Using sites like, as well as considering what local stations report is also an excellent way to help the elderly so that they won’t go outside when the conditions are not conducive.

Helping seniors to cope with allergens during spring is quite easy with the above-discussed natural remedies. If, however, the solutions seem not to work, consider seeking help from a physician just in case allergy medication is needed.


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