Are You Ready for the Future?

Our beliefs or values are established in childhood. Our society has seen a shift in values every decade. This means that the values for the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation were instilled in the 1950’s and 60’s. When this generation becomes the residents of long term care, they will have a phenomenal impact.

For example, leisure activities will become the dominant feature in any future setting for the elderly. Our generation today will go into “hock” to have fun, whether it is financing a vacation or purchasing a luxury item. If it provides us enjoyment we will always rationalize that we deserve and need it. Presently in long-term care we have too many activities for the present resident population. In the future, it will be the complete opposite. The new generation of residents will demand everything and anything to entertain them and allow them to have “fun.”

Let us look at only a few things that will change:

  • Tablets, cellphones, fitbits, etc. will be commonplace plus all the charging equipment that accompanies these
  • Computers with apps to control their room environment, monitor their health status, make their menu choices and allow access to their own EHR will be expected
  • Netflix in every room
  • Sex – I will leave that to your imagination, however condoms will be on every med cart
  • Coed rooms – residents living together freely
  • Marijuana creates a whole new challenge for smoking areas
  • Happy hour will be daily with alcohol in their rooms
  • Dietary demands – fast food to gourmet cooking
  • Attired in jeans and sweatshirts
  • Emphasis on physical appearance – make-up, reducing diets, facials, manicures, etc
  • Music will be from the 60’s
  • Who do you call – the children from his first, second or third marriage
  • Customer Service expected with no hesitation to contact the Ministry to settle chronic complaints and, if necessary, their own lawyers

Are you ready for the future?

Condensed excerpt from Len Fabiano’s book “Breaking Through: Working with the Frail Elderly


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