MED e-care’s Electronic Medication Administration Record (e-MAR) offers clients an innovative and integrated solution to medication administration, with convenient availability in web-based and offline (syncable) application. This application provides staff with secure and convenient access to resident medication records, allowing for real-time recording, collection and reporting of resident data.

MED e-care e-MAR is the only Electronic Medication Administration Record that is fully integrated with more than 7 Pharmacy Dispensing Software Systems allowing for single point of entry for residents' drug information by Pharmacy. The data automatically populates e-MAR at the facility level to allow facility staff to accelerate administration times and eliminate errors.

MED e-care is the only vendor to offer an “OFFLINE” e-MAR Solution.

Advanced syncing capabilities make MED e-care e-MAR the only solution able to function in any organization without expensive network upgrades. Simple and easy-to-use, the offline application allows for data to be downloaded from Pharmacy before the MED pass ensuring up-to-the-minute resident information is always used.

Even if you are not using MED e-care as your primary EHR system, you can still enjoy the benefits of on-demand e-MAR from MED e-care as a stand-alone product that is fully integrated with your Pharmacy partner.

e-MAR Features

The primary function of e-MAR is to electronically track and record resident administration of medication and treatments. In other words, it electronically replaces paper MARs.

  • The software tracks the order and delivery of medication with ease and convenience, generating any number of reports with a single click of a mouse.
  • e-MAR ensures the highest level of safety and security protection for both resident and staff with security features, such as patient photo and barcode technology.
Increased Efficiency
  • Barcode technology provides nursing staff with instantaneous access to resident and medication information. In addition to saving staff at minimum, 5 manual clicks, barcoding provides automated reconciliation of a resident's next scheduled medications with what is physically existent in the pouch. Scanning the 2D barcode also reduces the time needed to record the drug information, and more importantly, reduce the chance of errors in transcribing this information manually into our software. Additionally, using an automated validation check of the medication given to the resident accounts for a reduction in the most common source of medication errors - during the point of administration.
  • The administration of medications and treatments are recorded in real-time. PRN and vitals follow-up reminders eliminate missed or late medication.
  • Staff have the ability to manage medication orders directly from the e-MAR administration screen; medications can be discontinued, reordered, or placed on hold during a MED Pass.
  • Waste dosage is automatically updated for the facility and notification is sent to Pharmacy if replacement drugs are required.
  • Able to add contingency meds when needed to e-MAR on an emergency and notification basis.
  • One-step process of STAT order and signature to provide time saving measures and notification.
Improved Drug Accuracy and Resident Safety

Improve resident safety and drug accuracy by reducing medication administration errors. Studies have shown that medication errors can be reduced by up to 87% once a facility implements an e-MAR.

By way of a secure, closed-loop interface with Pharmacy medication orders are linked directly to Pharmacy. Inventory levels are automatically updated and medications can be ordered, discontinued or placed on hold electronically during the MED pass. With the increased efficiencies introduced by e-MAR, MED passes can be reduced by 30%.

  • All relevant resident information is conveniently displayed on the e-MAR administration screen making it easier for nursing staff to verify the 5 Rights: Right Drug, Right Resident, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time.
  • Residents’ medical conditions and allergies are listed with resident MARs and TARs
  • Nursing staff receive system reminders alerting them to time-sensitive medications, treatments, and follow-ups.
  • e-MAR allows staff to review or add documentation during or after administration, which includes the ability to view and record bio-test results and PRNs.
  • Staff are given the tools to effectively manage emergency stock medication and medical directives.
Reporting and Statistics

Get indicators of care for your facility in seconds!

With just a few clicks, generate audit reports and statistics such as medication inventory levels and nurse shift information. There is no need to sift through piles of paperwork. MED e-care e-MAR was designed with healthcare best-practices in mind. We wanted healthcare staff to have some piece of mind knowing that there is an electronic system supporting them through the sensitive task of medication administration. Eliminating errors, speeding up the time documenting and assisting in decision-making are just a few of the benefits of using MED e-care e-MAR.

  • "... the staff and I really like the new MED e-care version 4 application. There are a lot of great new features that will really help our home." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “I would like to say that the team at MED e-care are wonderful and have provided a great support to Rosebridge, not just during the transition period from version 3 to version 4, but also throughout the time that version 3 was in use in our facility.“ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • "(MED e-care has resulted in) “Improved time management for nurses as they navigate the system and the ability to retrieve residents’ health information within the integrated system for e-MAR, e-PLAN, e-ADT etc…” Rose Cohen, RAI Coordinator, Villa Marconi LTC

  • "I want to let you know that Jordan was of great assistance to us in the last few weeks with the submissions to CIHI. He is articulate and extremely professional in his work." Jackie Malda, DOC, Mount Nemo Christian Nursing Home

  • “Sheila, I having been working alongside the staff at Mede-care since 2009 and I can honestly say that the support, education, and professionalism offered to our facility has been a unique experience. At any given time, I feel very comfortable phoning or sending an email asking a myriad of questions or inquiries because I can’t “figure something out” ... The answer will always be forwarded to me in a timely fashion and an explanation if I don’t quite understand the process. I wish to “Thank you” for the opportunity to work with such incredible people.“ Bonnie Uhryn, RAI Coordinator, Trent Valley Lodge

  • "The message & announcement boards will help improve communication especially between departments, staff and managers." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “MED e-care has provided its users with a combination of product attributes and ease of use for its users to promote excellent customer satisfaction.” Lori Wallace, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Riverview Manor

  • “The implementation was very smooth. There were not any issues. The timelines that were promised to us were honored. The preparation work required was done in conjunction with the MED e-care team and there was assistance and support in gathering the information if needed. I felt that plenty of prep time notice was given, and I was able to complete what was needed on time. “ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • "The staff really like when they go to a residents profile page and see almost everything about the resident. It's like a mini Kardex, you can get so much information just by bringing up a residents profile page rather than going through sections of the care plan." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “The training was absolutely great. MED e-care definitely went over and above to meet our training needs. And they were met.“ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • "The staff really enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Vicky was great teaching the staff." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “Cynthia and the support staff that we have worked with, have all made us feel very much a part of MED e-care working together as a team to achieve common goals.“ Rick Dobrow, Owner, Earl’s Pharmacy

  • “(MED e-care has) Improved documentation through e-notes that facilitates shift reports and updates for the multidisciplinary team members. “ Rose Cohen, RAI Coordinator, Villa Marconi LTC

  • "Everyone at MED e-care have been great assisting me in making sure that all staff are set up as they should be and even helping the staff out when I am not here." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “The MED e-care Team is the best and I know that you strive to improve all aspects of the program to make it user friendly and informative.“ Bonnie Uhryn, RAI Coordinator, Trent Valley Lodge

  • “I cannot say enough about the on-going support from MED e-care. There has not been a time that I have had a need or problem that was not addressed in a timely manner.“ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • "It feels good to know that you are all there to assist us all whenever we need it. I appreciated the responses that I get and the fact that I always get my response in a timely manner." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “MED e-care has taken great strides in promoting customer satisfaction. Version 4 Software has provided ease of access and usability to our staff in completing care planning, charting and assessments. MED e-care is placing emphasis on their customer perceived quality and providing support to ensure their customers satisfaction.” Lori Wallace, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Riverview Manor

  • “Vicky has gone over and above to make sure that our ongoing issues are addressed and solved. Vicky scheduled an online session where I could do my first data submission with her to be sure I did not struggle.“ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • "I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the support we received from Jordan. He showed great professionalism and courtesy to my team and I while we were learning about the Submission process. Our RAI had retired and our new RAI took over. She was a bit intimidated by the whole process but now has it down pat as do I and this is all thanks to Jordan. Never once did Jordan make us feel like we were bothering him – although I know that he was so busy with other homes also. Just wanted to take a moment out of my day to say 'thanks.'" Jackie Malda, DOC, Mount Nemo Christian Nursing Home

  • "I have always appreciated the respect, assistance, support and recommendations that I get back in order for us to help improve our residents quality of life." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “As always Vicky, we enjoyed your Webinar this morning. So many wonderful things happening at MED e-care – Love them all. Just wanted to say “Thanks” for your spectacular education session. You and the MED e-care team are the best.“ Bonnie Uhryn, RAI Coordinator, Trent Valley Lodge

  • “Vicky, just wanted to thank you for all that you have done recently to help me launch the relationship builder (RAP). I have 2 new residents whose RAPs I spent several hours on and then with your tool went into the care plan and migrated the info. The care plan instantly became relevant, current and filled full of my own wording with all of the individuality that I made sure the RAPs contain. I loved how quickly I was able to then complete the whole care plan. What a wonderful tool. This will certainly make my job a little easier and the quality of our care plans much better. Well done.”Debbie Marquis-Skinner, RAI Coordinator, CLC - Port Perry

  • “I believe that good working relationships have been developed and I enjoy my interaction with them. (very important)“ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • "I am happy with the continuous ongoing support that you all have given me and continue to give me. I know that whenever I have any issues that I can call in and someone will be able to assist me." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “Sheila, you have been able to find strong, competent & dedicated personnel to meet the ever increasing requirements and pressures in today’s environment. I congratulate you for that.“ Rick Dobrow, Owner, Earl’s Pharmacy

  • “Staff feedback has been nothing but positive. They are now completing their MDS assessments on time, completing electronic progress notes rather than manual charting which in return has immensely improved our internal communication.“ Rose Cohen, RAI Coordinator, Villa Marconi LTC

  • "My staff feel more at ease when I am not here knowing that they can pick up the phone and call in and get help in whatever they are doing." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • "The training session for common CIHI rejections was so beneficial! I now feel that I am well prepared to handle rejections on my own. I must admit though, now that I know how to fix things myself, I will miss talking with Jordan." Sheryl LaBonte-Feggan, RAI Coordinator, Diversicare - Tilbury

  • “The MED e-care team are a very competent and knowledgeable team. I have full confidence in them to assist me in any needs I have with the software.“ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • “Individuals who participated in the (MDS Credentialing) sessions are raving about the education that was provided.“ Julia King, Director, LTC Operations, Jarlette Health Services

  • "It has been really great having everyone keeping such close contact with me during this conversion into version 4." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “I know the MED e-care team is a very busy with many clients, but I have to say when I contact them it feels as though I am their only client. My point is that I have never been given the impression that MED e-care is too busy to assist me.“ Tracy Foster, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Rosebridge Manor

  • “The MED e-care team are definitely works hard to make the software better, although everything you offer your clients is already perfect.“ Bonnie Uhryn, RAI Coordinator, Trent Valley Lodge

  • "I thank you all for your dedication and support ... for listening to our feedback and for continuing to support us." Samantha Szola, RAI Coordinator, OMNI - Garden Terrace

  • “I attended (Dr. Beaulne’s MDS Credentialing)... I found the course very enlightening, enjoyable and informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.“ Dianne Pilkington, RAI Coordinator, Shalom Manor

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